pLAN revive
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IRCLuXe provides the mechanisms of an irc-chat
Welcome to pLan REVIVE

pLAN Tracker Client  — a free program with an open source code, joining users to virtual private networks, that allows to launch games in LAN mode

Room tracker (server side of the programm) is fully operational

pLan REVIVE provides game servers of NFS Underground, NFSUG2 & NFS Most Wanted

  • To connect to NFS Underground server, fixed Speed.exe is required
    Copy patch of american version v1.4us fixed exe to the game directory and launch [Loads]

  • If you use nfsuclient by PriedeZ, then add the server address —

  • NFSUG LAN daemon doesn't require pLan Tracker Client for connection

  • To connect to Need For Speed Underground 2 local server, an american version of the game is required — copy patch v1.2us to the game directory and launch [Loads]

  • In-game filter is disabled, that's why LAN server sends absolutely all created races

  • Launch of NFS Most Wanted LAN server on nonstandard port requires fixed EXE, so get patch v1.3 fixed en exe & dll — copy to the game directory and launch [Loads]

  • Original speed.exe allows you to connect to the server, however you won't be able to create races, and the list of created ones will be empty