pLAN revive
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IRCLuXe provides the mechanisms of an irc-chat
 [Live servers]
  • NFSUG2 LAN server v1.2us [in-game filter is disabled]
  • NFS Underground daemon v1.0.6 [the ability to create rooms on the server is disabled]
  • NFS Most Wanted dedicated server v1.3 [requires fixed exe]

 pLan OpenVPN Edition v0.6.69
  • Added notification to a private message
  • Added support to OS: Windows 8.1 & 10
  • Setting the metric on pLan virtual adapter is enabled
  • The flag check to connection to an IRC-net is disabled

 pLAN Tracker Client [ OpenVPN Edition ] v0.6.67
  • Address of the tracker is changed to
  • Standard chat encoding [cp1251] is changed to utf8 (due to that, IRCLuXe network changed the server daemon)
  • Installation is updated
  • Mechanism of an output to About window receives info about developers directly from tracker

  • List of players is sent directly to tracker