pLAN revive
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IRCLuXe provides the mechanisms of an irc-chat
Need For Speed Underground 2 [in-game filter is disabled]

  • Original client v1.2us [.torrent] (be sure to select an american version of the game)
  • If the game is already installed, then patch [v1.2us] (copy to the game directory and launch)

Need For Speed Underground

  • Be sure to patch the game [v1.4us] (copy to the game directory and launch)
  • Launch the [Speed_fixed.exe] to connect to the pLan REVIVE server
  • pLan server is issued by click on [Find local servers] through nfsuclient by PriedeZ

NFS Most Wanted Black Edition [dedicated server requires fixed speed.exe]

  • Be sure to patch the game [fixed for LAN v1.3.2]
    —> Fixed automatic detection of local addr during LAN server creation
    —> Appeared the ability to connect to LAN servers, launched on any port

  • A problem is noted, when pLan is used on Windows 7, a game crashes with an error; this is due to that, pLan attempts to patch a game process (that was necessary before on Windows XP)

    Set compatibility with Windows XP SP3 in properties of game executable and run as administrator

  • Never set compatibility on pLan executable, else the game won't find LAN servers